‘AFRICAN TIME’;The deadliest disease ever known


African time according to Wikipedia is term the tendency to have a relaxed attitude to time,
In most African countries, Nigeria in consideration, all events begin late, our meetings, parties, naming ceremonies, even church services. Brides and grooms even arrive at their own weddings late. It has now become a common practice to arrive at occasions an hour or two after the scheduled time. If an invitation says a ceremony starts at 4pm, take your time and show up at least an hour later. And possibly by 6pm you could still be “on time”. I was invited to an event in a church which was supposed to start at 2:30pm, I got there 2:15pm and I had to sit for the program to start by 4pm.
“You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by, but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by.”
J.M. Barrie
This same attitude is now widespread even in the workforce. Little did we all know that whatever we do with our time is what we do with our lives. We are yet to realize that this attitude can tell on the economy of our nation Nigeria. Have you come to realize that if you waste your time, you are actually wasting your life? If you value your time you value your life.
Permit me to explain further using the Gross Domestic Product as an illustration.
The Gross Domestic Product {GDP} is one of the primary indications used to gauge the health of a country’s economy. It represents the total dollar value of all goods and services produced over a specific period of time.
In the U.S. you have to make money, otherwise, you are nobody. If you have 40years of earning capacity and you want to make $4 million that means $100,000 per year. If you can achieve this in 250 working days, that come to $400 a day or $50 an hour. With this, average Americans can say their time cost $50 an hour. They understood the power and secret of conversion. They also talk about wasting, spending, budgeting and saving time because of the value they place on their time. And because of they know what it can produce for them if deployed. How much does our time cost us as a nation? Have we ever sat down to calculate what we lose to “African time”? Do we even value our time at all?
The secret to improving Nigeria’s GDP as nation lies with each and every one reading this. Get actively involved in the conversion of your time into concrete value. It is high time we understood the value of this wealth called Time.
Now take a look at this illustration. The table below shows the GDP in U.S. dollars of the United States of America and Nigeria for a period of 5 years [2007-2011].
United States

14.99 trillion
166.45 billion

14.58 trillion
208.07 billion

14.54 trillion
169.48 billion

14.94 trillion
369.06 billion

15.19 trillion
411.74 billion
Now can we see what we lose to “African time”? You will notice that most of the developed countries in the world are countries that value their time. While most of these countries are in trillions of dollars in GDP, most of the developing countries in Africa are battling in the range of the billions.
Let me further explain what we lose to African time. If we have 20 working days in a month, that means we have 240 working days in a year. Suppose a Nigerian who is diseased with this menace called “African time” goes late to work one hour every day. That is, when he is supposed to resume work by 8am, he gets to work by 9am. This means 240 hours which is supposed to be invested in productive work is lost annually, thanks to “African time”.
Let me throw more light on this. Let’s even say one hour cost $10. So if one man loses 240 hours a year, that equals $2,400 being lost each year. Millions of individuals in the work force in Nigeria have this attitude. But let’s just pick one million people as an average. Therefore $2,400,000,000 {2.4 billion dollars} will be lost each year. It could be more because we imagined one hour cost $10 and about one million people practice African time. In Nigeria, the workforce is definitely more than one million people and one hour might cost more than $10.
If a nation that wants to develop loses 2.4 billion dollars each year instead of investing this, what becomes of that nation?
“If you waste time, surely time will waste you. If you kill time, you’ll bury opportunities.”
-African proverb
This is the reason I am writing to inform and educate you reading this, that no nation on earth is better than us. If we can fix this ‘African time’ issue alone, the economy of Nigeria will take a drastic turn that will amaze everyone.
It is now time to wake-up, guard our losses, and tighten up on our time consciousness. We can transform the nation, we can transform the continent. This is not about the government now, it’s about you, it’s about me. It’s about us investing what we lose due to “African time”. This disease called “African time” is an emergency out to crash the economy of Africa {Nigeria} and we must fight it.
It took individuals like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk who worked tirelessly, investing every single second of the day to change the face of America. You also can do the same, your name also can be used to inspire nations.
“Nobody is born wise”
-African proverb
My fellow youths, geniuses are not born, they are made, they are the products of time conversion. Same amount of time, but we experience different results, same amount of time but we experience different level of wealth, same amount of time, different level of greatness.
It’s not just about working but working effectively. Seek ways to do business better. Seek for solutions to problems. Seek for ways to study better. Be extraordinary, be excellent. Add value to improve yourself.
“If you want to lead an extraordinary life, find out what the ordinary do – and don’t do it.
-Tommy Newberry
You and I must take up this challenge. “African time” is deadly. We must fight it. Say “No to African time”.
Adakole Christopher

Principles of success.


Everybody wants to be successful in life. There is no normal person who would want to end up being a failure in life. When we just see people who have become successful, we just get jealous and say; “one day, I’ll be successful too”. But is it just about talking? Are there not more things to it than just hope? Were we designed to be admiring the successes of other people or create our own?
. So, let me define success for you. Success is the fulfillment of purpose. It is the completion of the reason of something’s existence. When an egg is hatched and the bird that comes out starts to fly, it is considered successful. When a seed brings forth a tree. The seed is said to be successful. One thing about success is that it comes in bits. Each progressive step you make towards your purpose is a success. Another thing I want you to note is that your potential for success is inside of you. Just like the tree is in the seed and the bird is in the egg, so also is your success inside of you.
The first thing you have to do to be successful is to know your purpose. You have to know the reason for your existence. You have to know what to chase. And how do you know this? You get to know your purpose by studying yourself; your passion, gifts and talents. When you know what you’re so passionate about, you can now develop your gifts and talents in that area.
The next thing I’ll like you to do is to make a plan. A plan is like a road map between you conception (birth) and destination (death). A plan shows you your goals that would take you to your purpose. A plan shows you what you want to do to become successful. Another thing about a plan is that it also shows what you don’t want to do. A plan is very important for success in life. Without a plan you can’t be successful in life.
The last principle you have to note is people. If you want to be successful in life, you have to make sure you make an impact on people. Your impact on people is what makes you successful. It’s not by buying a mansion in Banana Island or by buying a Bugatti that you are successful. The general purpose of everybody on this planet of ours is that we have to affect the lives of other people. The only difference could be our areas of influence.
Now to conclude all that, you need a purpose in life to aim at. Then you have to make a plan that will get you there. In making the plan you must know that what you are targeting is to affect people. Some people just want to be rich without any impact. If you want to be rich, start thinking of how you can make others to be positively affected by your wealth. With everything said, I think you know what it takes to be successful in life. Thank you for reading 👋👋👋
David Oluwafunto Ojekhoa